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Arcanum 432

Arcanum 432 is a unique collection of new works (14 in total) created for the album and produced by Janus inbetween July 2011 and January 2012.Arcanum, from the Latin word deep secret or wisdom is another epic and pioneering journey, a musical exploration into the many synchronistic signs, patterns and hidden meanings of life itself. 432 in the title refers to yet another groundbreaking technique Janus undertook when recording the music by creating and processing all the material using 432hz frequency. It has long been believed that the 432 frequency gives rise to a far clearer and more natural listening experience and access to a wider range of sound. 440hz has been the standard and internationally recognised frequency since 1939 when it was first implemented by Joseph Goebbels prior to the outbreak of the second world war.Most of the music you will ever have heard up until this point will have been in 440hz.

432 is also significant in its own right as a unique number when exploring the various meanings of life, cropping up time and time again.Just a few of these intriguing facts you can see in the exclusive Arcanum 432 promo video below for your enjoyment. Don't forget, the Arcanum 432 album is only available from the official Janus music store as a digital download from Tuesday, 14th February 2012.You can buy the album direct from its store page HERE.