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Chomo - Impressions of an Artist by Janus is now officially available buy at the store HERE

This very latest album is without doubt one of the most personal albums that Janus has produced to date. Based on his own experieneces during the time he spent in 1984 with world renowned French surrealist painter,sculpter,poet and musican Roger Chomeaux (known simply as "Chomo"), this work is both a conceptual tribute and musical journey taking the listener into the heart of Chomo's forest home environment as it was,cutting himself off from convenetional society to focus on his art forms.

Taking up the invite, relayed by a close friend of Janus' from Chomo,(who had been played some of his music on an old casstte machine),to visit his him at his forest universe, a trip was arranged later that year. One that would ultimately change Janus' life owing to the experience itself and the influential impressions Chomo subsequently left with him.

Chomo's self imposed seclusion in his small patch of woods in the Acheres Forest in France was in part due to his imprisonment in a stalag in Poland during the second world war.On his return to France and taking up residency in the woods to focus on his artistic skills, his work slowly gained the admiration of many luminaries including Salvador Dali amongst others.Known for being controversial Chomo was not always as flattering about their own works when asked. Chomo was many things..he was an environmentalist long before it became popular, keeping 20 bee-hives in addition to using recycled material for all of his work.He is also widely recognised for pioneering musique concrete. He developed his own phonetic poetry which pervaded most of his work. He collected wood daily which he used for his fire as well as his artwork in the forest home which he called "Village Art Preludian".

His paintings, metal and wood sculptures all adorned every patch of his home.He had his own music room with instruments again all created from recycled materials.He even built three wooden buildings, one of which was made entirely of glass bottles he named "House of the Poor". It had been constructed in such a way that when you entered it natural rainbows refracted everywhere.There was even a several tiered open air theatre he had built on his own over the years in his plot of isolated land. By any standards none of his pieces of artwork would have looked out of place in any art gallery be it the Louvre or the Tate Gallery, it was of that quality.Chomo however chose his forest as his own living universe and museum of art.

Sadly Chomo passed away in 1999 aged 92. His "universe" today, and as he predicted long before he died, gradually became an empty shell with some of his artworks ending up in galleries whilst others bought by private collectors never to be seen again. What he left however for those lucky enough to get a glimpse of the real Chomo, and of the unique world he created and lived in, was the profound sense that anything was achieveable if ones mind was truly put to it, thinking outside the box and focusing fully on your dreams be they artistic in nature or otherwise.

The album by Janus has been skillfully crafted,weaving the actual audio of Chomo in part through the work to allow the listener to transport themselves into Chomo's world as it was.This, combined with originally scored soundscapes,thematic pieces and special sound effects all add to creating a truly unique listening experienece. A rare recording of Chomo narrating one of his own poems features at the centre of the work in the track "Le Poete". To bring this to life Janus collaborated with Amanda Collins-Martin, who fans may remember from her part in Janus and Logan Hawkes production of "The Voodoo Queen and the Devils Wife". Although this has been very much a personal and reflective project close to Janus' heart, his hopes are also that even in some small way this particular sounic canvas, mixed with the enthusiasm and magic Chomo eminated during his life, it might in turn inspire people to envisage their own goals and dreams, however big or small.

A specially written booklet by Janus, entitled "Journey to Another Universe" also accompanies this special downloadable album, detailing his meeting and experiences with Chomo.

Available from the Janus music store now at this link HERE.