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The Tangerine Dream FM Radio Show



Launched in December 2013, Chris Newman (aka Janus) is currently producing and hosting the weekly Tangerine Dream FM Radio Show that broadcasts live on the Hey Z Radio Network.

Since the end of his enormously popular 6 year run of his TDFZ (Tangerine Dream Fans Zone) in 2009, he has been busying himself with fromatting an entirely new and exciting show dedicated and focusing on the worlds number one elecronic music giants Tangerine Dream. The shows are producied in association with Tangerine Dream & Eastgate Music.

Updates on all of the very latest news,exclusives and specials on forthcoming TDFM shows can be found on the dedicated TDFM Radio Show page at the link HERE.

Show Times are as follows:

Sundays midday-1pm Eastern/4pm-5pm GMT

Show is repeated: Wednesday nights 7pm-8pm Est/11pm-12 Midnight GMT

Be sure to adjust your own geographic time zones and locations for listening in if different from show times above!

Chris is also live on air an hour before both the Sunday edition of the show and its Wednesday night repeat with his live chillout music mix sessions "Transharmonic Highways", so why not tune in for the 2 shows and 2 hours of the best music anywhere on the airwaves.

All shows are broadcast live and will not be available to be downloaded anywhere so be sure not to miss tuning in each week.

How to listen to the shows:

Essentially there are 4 main ways you can listen to the shows on the Hey Z Radio network.. this are:

1)The Hey Z Radio Network station site - If you click the link HERE it takes you the Hey Z Radio Network site where you then simply click on the listen/chatroom link located there.

When Chris' shows are on you will usually see him listed in the chatroom at the top under the host name "Chris_Newman_TDFM". So do feel free to pop in and chat during the shows with listeners while its live.

2) - All of the stations shows run here also and is very easy to listen to. Click the link HERE :

3)YourMuze.FM: Another fairly straight forward way to enjoy the shows when it airs. Click HERE.

Finally,all of the Hey Z Radio Network shows in their entirity can be listened to on Talk Stream Click this link HERE.