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Screen Music Foundry

Welcome to the Screen Music Foundry page.

This page is the official portal for all professional Film, TV and multi-media sound production work by Janus.

In a career spanning over 30 years of thematic recordings and award winning instrumental albums, the Foundry offers an extensive and unique archive of Janus' music ready for any project, from low budget to high end commercial useage. The Janus sound archives contains high quality original music scores covering all genres.You will find that our music licensing and associated fees of any of the material from this vast collection are both competitive and at the same time affordable whatever your production.

The Foundry also offers the exclusive service of having original music for your productions composed, scored and produced by Janus himself. As one of the world's foremost synthesiser pioneers and established recording professionals, recognised for his groundbreaking thematic releases over the years, you can rest assured that any visual project he is involved with will be enhanced ten fold, skillfully crafted and brought to life.

For all sound-track enquiries please contact

The special music preview player on this page offers just a small glimpse and cross section of some of Janus' themed works over the years. Please also enjoy the very latest special sampler video "Janus - Music for Films" at the top of this page.. If your project requires music in a particular style or genre not in this selection please contact us where we will be delighted to help further. You can also explore the official Janus music video channel on YouTube where over 60 of his music related videos can be found. The video channel itself can be found HERE.


Janus Soundtrack Samples