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Following his formative musical years with Oscar winning composer and keyboards supremo, Vangelis, Chris Newman aka Janus went on to carve his own unique style of electronic music by way of sound,light & laser shows, literally immersing the audiences in his musical concepts. In the early 1980's he went on to pioneer the first ever series of conceptual background music for the role-playing games market (Dungeons & Dragons), producing 6 albums under the SoundScapes music label.

In the late 1990's and after some five years in production, he unleashed another ground-breaking milestone in the shape of the UFO trilogy CDs "Roswell", "S.E.T.I." and "Flying Saucers: The Kenneth Arnold Incident".

In a collaboration with BUFORA (the British UFO Research Association), Janus appeared as guest speaker & presenter at 2002's opening lectures in London. In addition to discussing the background research and musical creation of his UFO trilogy works, Janus premiered part of a specially produced film, created specifically to be projected as a giant visual backdrop to a series of UK based "Roswell & Beyond" concerts.

In an interview in "Quest For Knowledge" magazine, Janus was asked what the driving force behind his music was, he said: "You firstly have to ask,why do people listen to music?..It is because we want to deliberately alter the way we feel. To feel happy, reflective, spiritual, empowered, whatever. I believe music is the greatest key we have to change things, on a personal and on a much wider scale. For my part, by combining the musical and visual technology I am lucky to have at my disposal today, and be able to create environments for people, as well as myself, to take their own voyages of discovery,is for me the greatest reward there is".

In 2006 the work and musical career of Janus during this UFO/paranormal conceptual period of his life was well documented in Michael C Luckman's book "Alien Rock - The Rock 'n' Roll Extraterrestrial Connection."

In 2004, Janus (Chris Newman) focused his attention on the influence of much of his own past musical career, synth pioneers Tangerine Dream. He subsequently developed the Tangerine Dream Fans Zone to unite the legions of world wide kindred spirits who also have a love for the music of Tangerine Dream and other electronica in general. This, combined with his other real passion to help independent artists to share their music with wider audiences, spawned the highly successful weekly Tangerine Dream Fans Zone Radio Shows and the creation of the umbrella group for other such ongoing supportive projects - Sound Futures Direct.In its 6 years reign the TDFZ Radio Shows,produced and presented by Janus,attracted a huge global audience every week.One of his special edition TDFZ shows, a result of Yoko Ono's musical involvement on his Peace Special edition saw literally thousands of listeners join in.

A few pics of Janus with members past to present of Tangerine Dream over the years.

Janus returned fully to the environment of the recording studios in 2009 to continue his life long passion and love of music production.2011 saw the release of his long awaited for Rendlesham album, and currently older works from his back catalouge of recordings are being digitally remastered and once more being made available to new fans of his work.Other projects included his original score for the US Radio drama series Top Secret:Majic for the Jerry Pippin Show in addition to the announcement of three more UFO/Paranormal themed works for release "Crash At Aztec" , "EBE" and "Stangers In A Strange Land (Vol 1)".The Strangers In A Strange Land has already recieved crtical acclaim on its release of May 2011 and with the two new UFO related albums also due out later in 2011 this is can arguably described as one of his most productive years ever.

In April 2011 following his guest appearence on "The Buzz" Program on the Z-Talk Radio Network, Janus was invited to host and produce his own unique radio show called "The Unknown".This groundbreaking show explores all aspects of the paranormal and unexplained with new and exclusively produced music by Janus focusing on the particular subject matter. These show specials,which have already captured the imagination of listeners in over 23 countries around the world to date have included "The Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle", "The Mary Celesete","Paranormal Case Files of Great Britain", "Warminster UFO-Cradle of Contact" and many more.In more recent developments to the show's format Janus has been collaborating with authors working in various fields of the unexplained and invited them to narrate their works themselves whilst he developes the accompanying musical creations around each production.

The Warminster UFO-Cradle of Contact special first broadcast on June 15th led the way of this exciting new show format with author and UFO researcher Kevin Goodman narrating his own story.Following this in August 2011 came the epic two hour special "Close Encounters of the Old Wild West". This collaborative special focusing on the top selling book by author and broadcaster Logan Hawkes (also a guest presenter on the Ancient Aliens TV series) became the shows biggest hit to date with listenership in over 34 countries.The success of the combination of the special narration by Logan Hawes himself and the exclusively composed adaptive music score by Janus has also given rise to the news that this new creative partnership is set to work on more new projects and specials in the future.

With Janus' re-emergenge internationally as a pioneering recording artist and radio show host/producer in his own right and with his sights still firmly set on exploring new frontiers musically,media interest has also been at an all time high.In addition to his guest appearences on numerous UFO and paranormal related shows, various specials focusing excusively on his work to date have included The Bob Tarmac Alien Radio Show and Voice Of The People Radio Special (both 2 hour specials),Incecption Radio Show with Jamie Havican and featured artist of the week on Bruce Gall's Synth Sunday Program on HRFM. On April 25th his work, "You Can't Tell The People" from his Rendlesham album was voted number #1 by listeners of Astreaux World Radio whilst his "Mothman" track from his Strangers In A Strange Land made it to number #3 in the same charts in July on the 4th.In August ,29th, his track "Yeti" made it to the number 1 position again on AW Radio.

On August 26th Janus appeared live as the special guest on The Kate Valentine Show on WVNJ Radio. During the program he discussed in full the UFO encounter he had that took place in early 80's and as a subsequence one that led him on the musical path he eventually took. In the hour long chat show, featuring several previously unreleased works by him his forthcoming "Crash At Aztec" and "EBE" albums currently in production were also discussed.

On the 26th August 2011 and marking 30 years of producing his UFO themed albums, Light Years - The UFO Anthology album was released on the SFD music label. Containing a total of 16 tracks it takes a retrospective look with the inclusion of his most well known works (some of which appeared only on limited editions in the past), several previously never before released tracks, plus two brand new compositions produced specifically for this celebratory collectors piece. Light Years is presently available as a download followed by the CD version later this year.

In September 2011 Janus released the "Crash at Aztec" album continuing his exploration of classic UFO incidents in within ufology.The same month work began again with Logan Hawkes on their latest radio production, this time for Halloween, and their collaborative presentation of "The Voodoo Queen and the Devil's Wife". The show itself, written and co-produced by Logan and comprising of a newly composed soundtrack by Janus went on to air on many US radio Networks to celebrate All Hallows Eve in addition to reaching audiences in over 42 countries globally. Following the broadcast Janus and Logan offically announced that together they have launched a new creative platform and vehicle for their ongoing projects together in the form of "Mind Quest Radio". As a result of this news all past and future joint creations by the pair would now be located at the dedicated Mind Quest page found via the Sound Futures Direct home page .

On November 9th 2011 Janus released a special 2 album set of works called "Music from The Unknown" Volumes 1 & 2. The two albums making up this collection comprised of over 2 hours of the original music he created for The Unknown Radio Show series. The 24 tracks were removed from the shows exisiting narrative for the very first time and made available in their entirity and full unedited states.

2012 saw the incredible output of of 3 studio albums by Janus. These included the addition of "Abduction at Pascagoula" to his long running UFO themed music series, Arcanum 432 followed this,another pioneering work by Janus in which for the first time all of the original music produced for the album was recorded and processed in 432 hertz. It has long been thought that 432htz was a more natural frequency for the human ear to listen to sound properly and the album with the album exploring this fully gained crital acclaim from fans and music lovers alike. For his third release of 2012 Janus produced "The Road Less Travelled", a unique collection of never before heard material from his archives spanning 35 years. All of the material making up A Road Less Travelled was digitally remastered specially by Janus marking the launch of this collection of private works. All three albums can now be purchased in the official store HERE

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of his award winning Roswell album, Janus release a special edition version of the work. The bonus edition, produced as a digital download included: .The original 1998 album in full(14 x tracks)...5 previously unreleased tracks made for the project but never originally included due to running time restrictions...2 special radio edited tracks by Janus featuring the original 1947 news broadcasts regarding the Roswell incident..a brand new work composed by Janus called "Roswell and Beyond" .

Continuing the official releases for 2013 and delighting fans everywhere was the re-release of Janus' 1998 album Film Scapes. Originally produced for the film industry at the time several tracks made their way to the radio airwaves and over the years the limited edition album gained its own cult status and noteriety. With careful remastering and new tracks replacing those that didnt survive the passing of time from the old recording tape media used, Film Scapes was finally able to see the light of day once again. Film Scapes is available to buy directly HERE.

Known for his appreciation to his loyal fan base over the years and never one to forget this, for the summer of 2013 Janus released the Free to download album "Alien Chronicles". The album comproses of 10 original full works taken from the wide cross section of his UFO themed albums over the years,past to present. This special album is available to download free from the official store HERE.

August 2013 sees the release of Janus' long awaited for tribute album to French surrealist Roger Chomeaux, simply known as "Chomo". This reflective and very personal conceptual work by Janus is based on his own experience and meeting with the artist in 1984 in his selculded home in the woods in the Achere forest south of Paris. Considered one of the surrealist movements most contoversial figures he spent years in self imposed isolation in his patch of the woods, which he called "the village Perludian". Chomo encompossed all forms of art,from music to poetry and from painting to sculture. He was also an environmentalist many years before the term became popular. All of his creations within his forest "universe" were made from recycled materials he would collect and all of the highest quality and standard by which they would not have looked out of place in some of the major art galleries of the world. Janus' latest album called "Chomo - Impressions of an Artst" has been skillfully crafted to take the listener into the heart of Chomo's unique world in its natural setting exploring the many facets of the great mans life. The album is officially released on the 24th August as a special digital download and includes a booklet written by Janus of his meeting and experiences with Chomo.

August 2013: Janus has completed the score for the Sci-Fi comedy film called "The Darkling Incident". It went on to have its first screening at the Pahrump Film Festival in Nevada in September.

November 2013: It was announced in early November that Janus is to once more return behind the helm as producer and host of a brand new weekly music show dedicated to the pioneering giants of electronic music Tangerine Dream. The newly reformatted show is called the Tangerine Dream FM show. His popular Tangerine Dream Fan Zone Radio Show that ended in 2009 after a run of some 6 years became one of the most successful of its type united fans of the band and music lovers everywhere. The TDFM show which launches on Sunday 15th December on the Hey Z Radio Network where he his long running "The Unknown" series also airs each week is poised to be another groundbreaking piece of radio music entertanment. Unlike the previous TDFZ shows which showcased hundreds of Tangerine Dream influenced artists from around the globe TDFM main focus is firmly on the legendary band itself. You can sure as always of some exciting surprises on the way and a show full of the greatest sounds and news courtesy of the band themselves. You can find out how to tune in and keep up to date with the shows forthcoming news and exclusives here on the site where a special page has been set up to update all of the TDFM shows and activites coming our way. You can visit and bookmark the official TDFM page at this link HERE.

March 2014: Chris (Janus) continues with his weekly broadcasts on the Hey Z Radio network. Since its inital launch back in December 2013 the audience of Tangerine Dream fans and music lovers alike continue to grow internationally. Its vast regular listenership currently tune into the show from all parts of Europe, the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. In January 2014, Chris launched another live music show called Transharmonic Highways. Theses special hour long chillout sets are a complementary and warm up session to the TDFM Shows aired an hour before the program and aimed at get listeners in the "dream zone vibe" as he puts it.

August 2014: The summer has been another highly productive time for Janus and sees the release of 2 brand new music videos that will delight fans everywhere. The first of these is a new and original soundtrack to the classic 1922 silent feature documentary "Nanook of the North". The film even since its original release has inspired generations of audiences and is considered the first documentary ever of its type. Captured on film by Robert J. Flaherty the story follows the Eskimo Nanook and his family's daily lives and struggles surviving in their harsh environment. The project Janus first started on back in 2012 has brought this historic film back to life with both a sensitive as well as dramitic complete soundscore. You can download both this newly re-worked film version by Janus plus the soundtrack album itself from the official store HERE. Enjoy this small taster below.

The second of this summers special music video releases produced by Janus and available now from the store is Roswell Secrets. This exclusive download includes: His original 1998 award winning album Roswell, his 2013 Special Roswell Anniversary edition album (containing unreleased works from the original,music videos and other rare items), plus a 4 part video presentation called "Testaments". Testaments is a compelling set of interviews with many of the key witnesses to the alleged Roswell UFO incident of 1947. For more information and to buy Roswell Secrets go to the store page HERE. Enjoy the small video promo below.