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Rendlesham Album Review


Reviewed by Kevin Goodman:

Chris Newman, AKA “Janus” cut his teeth in the music industry working for the legendary keyboard musician, Vangelis. Chris has had a lifelong passion for quality keyboard music, and, in BUFORA’s 2002 lecture event in London he appeared as a guest speaker. In 2004, Chris developed the Tangerine Dream Fans Zone, which united the world-wide fan base of this celebrated, internationally renowned group. He also set up his own label and distribution arm, allowing unknown acts to have their music appreciated by a wide audience. But Chris is a talented musician in his own right, with a string of beautifully crafted works behind him, many having a theme which will be of interest to us all.

 So, after his ground breaking trilogy of UFO themed musical works, S.E.T.I, Roswell and Flying Saucers, there is, after a long delay, a new magnum opus obtainable: “Rendlesham”, which by the very title of the work, will need no lengthy introduction to the readers of this magazine!

 Rendlesham is a musical journey through the infamous event of 1980, peppered with the actual audio recordings during the incident, all thanks to Colonel Halt’s recordings. The complete Halt recording material was given to Chris by the late Georgina Bruni [Author of one of the best books on the Rendlesham incident, You can't tell the people,] way back in 2003,and part of his major turn musically with the UFO themed phenomenon kicked off as a result of a life changing incident in Hampton, Middlesex in the 80's – when Chris experienced missing time: in fact, as he puts it, “The lot!” This incident was also documented in Michael C. Luckmans excellent book: “Alien Rock – the Rock and Roll Extraterrestrial Connection”

 Chris has carefully cleaned up the “Halt” recordings for this release, and, in my mind, it adds to a wonderful musical journey through one of the most celebrated UFO landings of all time...

 At all times, the music is mysterious, sometimes pounding, but always full of emotive feelings. But please, make no mistake: this is not a simple cash-in exercise on the Rendlesham case, or another bland “New Age” CD. I’ve met Chris on a number of occasions, and found him both a kindred spirit, together as a fellow UFO believer, who knows the subject well, and a comrade in the myriad worlds of sound created by Tangerine Dream. As I write this, the music is playing for the third time, and I personally feel the dedication that has gone into the work. The music is a curious but highly enjoyable hybrid of Vangelis and Tangerine Dream, Chris’s two main musical influences. It’s highly infectious and if you are into synthesiser music, then this work is an absolute must for your collection!

 However, if you are in any doubt as to the musical pedigree of “Janus” then I urge you to check out the afore mentioned 2006 book, “Alien Rock – the Rock and Roll Extraterrestrial Connection” by Michael C Luckman, in which the career of “Janus” is covered in depth.

 At the time of writing this review, Rendlesham initially available only as a download at the official music site:

 Buy it today, and give your ears and mind a treat!

For a rare UFO based musical item, this can’t be recommended highly enough!


ALIEN ENCOUNTERS Magazine Roswell Album Review Feb 1998

Janus Dali Theater Production 1987 Riverside Studios London: