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Music from The Unknown

Released on the 9th November 2011 t is very special 2 volume album features the original works Janus exclusively produced for his acclaimed "The Unknown Radio Show" series.

The groundbreaking paranormal radio show series itself, additionally hosted by Janus, went on to air in over 42 countries worldwide.Each episode focused on classic case histories from both the realms of the paranormal and ufology,from the legend of the Mary Celeste to the Bermuda Triangle and from the immortal count of St Germain to the search for ET and alien contact. The uniqueness and popularity of the series stemmed from the new musical scores Janus meticulously crafted and interwove each week into every shows narrative taking the experience to a whole new level.The initial idea for releasing these musical works for the first time ever in full and separate from the shows narrative, came from fans of the radio show itself. Not to disappoint Janus set about revisiting the recordings and making them available for all to enjoy and in their full glory.Together both Volumes One and Two include over 2 hours of this original music.

To celebrate this special launch for a limited period only (until 31st December 2011) we have made both volumes of this unique set of works available to buy for only £6.49 as a download from the store. To take advantage this visit this offer page directly at the store link HERE

Track List -Volume one: 1. The Haunted 2. Jonah's Theme 3. Strange Phenomena 4.The Last Shanty 5. Light Years 6. The Devil's Triangle 7. Virginia 8. Cradle of Contact 9. What Lies Beneath 10. Dream-catcher 11.Henry Surge 12. Revolutionary Visions Track List - Volume Two: 1. Bigfoot 2.Lenston 3. Flight into The Unknown 4.Ghost Ship 5. The Immortal Count 6.Alchemy of Time 7. Flight 19 8. Copse Hill 9. Mrs Smith 10. The Vanishing 11. From the Ether 12 Ocean Memories

Enjoy this music video "Ocean Memories" just one of the 24 original works making up Music from The Unknown by Janus.