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13 years following the critically acclaimed Roswell album, Janus returns to the world of UFOlogy with his lastest album, Rendlesham. The Rendlesham Incident itself has been dubbed 'the British Roswell'.

Although released in 2011 the actual groundwork and research for this album originally began back in 2004 following discussions Janus had with Georgina Bruni, the author of 'You can't tell the people', that explored the Rendlesham incident.During these discussions and whilst formulating ideas for a conceptual album based on it, Janus was given the complete audio voice recordings by Georgina that Colonel Halt, in charge of the security base investigation at the site back in December 1980, had the foresight to make on his portable tape recorder that he took into the forest while the incident was taking place. These recordings to date form some of the best historical and hard evidence ufology has,as well as capturing the whole human drama as it unfolded.

In 2010 Janus finally returned to complete his musical work based on the now infamous case. For the album he went through the voice recordings,whichfor which he both cleaned up and digitally remastered and set about their use in the album as a time-line to the event. As a result, and to achieve a completely unique listening experience for the listener he produced the whole album as one complete track.

In a radio interview in 2011 Janus said, "..with all of my work my overall focus is always to try and create a musical environment in which the listener can then go on their own voyages of the imagination and discovery.With Rendlesham being such a captivating and intriguing incident, I wanted to put myself and the listener right into the heart of the forest back to that bring it to life.We start with the stillness and natural peace of that December morning,like any other, and slowly take that rollercoaster ride of incredible events that actually unfolded there.By producing it as one whole continual piece of music evolving along the way as it were, instead of individual tracks, I hope I've come somewhere close to creating a canvas for people to also take their own journeys through it".

The digital download album is now available for purchase