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In July 1947 rancher Mac Brazel discovered unusual debris strewn across his land near Roswell, New Mexico. Reporting his find to the authorities resulted in personnel from the Roswell US Air Force Base carrying out a thorough investigation. Shortly after, the Base issued a press release stating a crashed "flying saucer" had been recovered, only hours later to withdraw this statement and to report instead that the debris was nothing more than material from a downed weather balloon.

Now fifty years later, and after exhaustive research by many parties, this may not have been the case. There have long been rumours of a crashed saucer, alien bodies and a cover-up of the real facts. What actually happened in the desert of New Mexico remains a fascinating mystery to this day.

Following the initial release of Roswell by Janus back in 1998 the album went on to top numerous internet album charts for several months at the time including the New Age,Classical and Electronic music ones. Owing to the creative diverity of all of the tracks making up the album it quickly established itself with music lovers across the board worldwide and its impact and popularity continues to this day.Works from it have been used in many film and television productions to date as well as being the regular theme music to numerous radio shows around the globe.Gulf Breeze from the album has been used as the show signature intro tune by renowned broadcaster Jerry Pippin on his popular weekly show now for 13 years.

Due to both its timelessness and ongoing popularity throughout the years, Roswell - The Album has continually been re-issued and re-released establishing itself with new generations of fans along the way. A special limited edition run of 500 copies of the album was produced by Janus in 2004 which incorporated the original 1947 ABC News broadcasts at the time of the incident and quickly became collectors items.

The orignal CD version and digital download are available from the official music store.

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Roswell - Special Edition 2013

Since its initial release in 1998, the Roswell album by Janus firmly established him at the forefront of UFO themed and conceptual music worldwide. The award winning album itself gained notoriety for making it into the top ten music charts at the time, ranging from New Age to Classical and from Jazz to Electronic. It remains to this day a favourite of fans old and new plus the film,TV and entertainment industry for its many creative and inspiring qualities. To mark its 15th anniversary in 2013, this special edition version was conceived by Janus and not to disappoint it contains some amazing bonus material much of which has never before been heard.

This special edition album contains....The original 1998 album in full(14 x tracks)...5 previously unreleased tracks made for the project but never originally included due to running time restrictions...2 special radio edited tracks by Janus featuring the original 1947 news broadcasts regarding the Roswell incident..a brand new work composed by Janus called "Roswell and Beyond" specifically to celebrate this 4 Janus music videos for your enjoyment!!! Buy the Roswell Special edition HERE