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Ghost Ship – The Mary Celeste Special

Welcome to this weeks epic voyage into the paranormal with your host and musical guide Janus as we explore one of the world’s best know mysteries,The Mary Celeste. Experience and relive the tale of the legendary ghost ship with Janus … Continue reading

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Paranormal Legends: The Count of St Germain Special

This week’s sonic paranormal exploration into the realms of the unexplained takes a close up look at the legend of the Count of St Germain. A major figure who has cropped up time and time again throughout history, even to … Continue reading

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S.E.T.I. & Flying Saucers: The Kenneth Arnold Incident

In the first half of this weeks Unknown show Janus takes us on another sonic voyage to the far flung corners of the universe in search of ET. Experience exclusive works from his acclaimed 2001 album S.E.T.I. This work has … Continue reading

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Warminster UFO Cradle of Contact

Join us this week as author and UFO researcher Kevin Goodman narrates exclusively for The Unknown listeners his experiences of the Warminster UFO phenomena underscored by an original soundtrack specially composed by Janus for this production.You can read more about … Continue reading

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Paranormal Case Files of Great Britain

In tonight’s very special paranormal edition of The Unknown Janus focuses on a series of classic case files taken from the latest book by renowned UK researcher and author Malcolm Robinson.Relive these chilling tales whilst experiencing some new and exclusive … Continue reading

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Strangers In A Strange Land

Our weekly sonic voyage into The Unknown continues in this episode as we encounter all manner of creatures from the realms of cryptozoology.From Bigfoot to Mothman and from The Jersey Devil to the Chupacabra sit back relax and enjoy the … Continue reading

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Rendlesham Special

In this first ever edition of The Unknown Show with Janus aired on Z-talk Radio we are given a unique insight into his very latest UFO themed album based on the UK’s very own Roswell incident.Experience works from his Rendlesham … Continue reading

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